This first-of-its-kind mental health diversion and treatment facility will be a one-stop-shop to address high cost/high need individuals with serious mental illnesses involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system and other acute care treatment systems.


The 7 floor, 208 bed facility will house a comprehensive array of treatment and support services including:

  • Central-receiving center designated specifically for law enforcement and fire-rescue.
  • Screening and assessment to identify individual risk factors and needs.
  • Integrated adult crisis stabilization unit and addiction receiving facility.
  • Various levels of residential treatment and transitional housing.
  • Behavioral health and primary care treatment.
  • Dental and optometry services.
  • Day treatment and day activity programs.
  • Crisis respite services.
  • Employment/vocational culinary training services.
  • Treatment for co-occurring substance use and trauma-related disorders.
  • A courtroom to manage both civil and criminal matters.
  • Expedited access to state and federal entitlement benefits.
  • Community re-entry support services to assist individuals with linkages to basic needs after discharge, including ongoing treatment, housing, medications, clothing, and food.
  • Space for the courts and social service agencies (e.g., housing providers, legal services, and immigration services) that will address the comprehensive needs of individuals served.

In addition to providing treatment services, the Center will support programs of research and education to identify and disseminate evidence-based practices, establish system performance indicators and accountability measures to ensure maximum return on investment, and launch professional development and training programs that grow the needed workforce in this area.



Estimated number of individuals to be served based on total bed capacity and anticipated length of stay:

Measure Assessment CSU SRT RTF Total
Beds (daily capacity) - 16 72 120 208
Est. length of stay (days) - 16 72 120 208
Total annual bed-days - 5,840 26,280 43,800 75,920
Daily admission capacity 20 3.2 0.8 0.7 -
Weekly admissions 140 22.5 5.6 4.7 -
Monthly admissions 600 97.3 24.3 20.3 -
Annual admissions 7,300 1,168 292 243 -

NOTE: CSU = Crisis Stabilization Unit; SRT = Short-Term Residential Treatment (locked units) ; RTF = Residential Treatment Facility